IT Managed Services

ADS Managed Services offers a suite of outsourcing solutions that will enable your business to benefit from improved IT productivity, resilience and security. Sit back and let us take responsibility for managing the delivery of services on your behalf.

We provide:

  • Support & Maintenance

  • Email Hosting

  • Spam Management

  • Web Hosting

  • Remote Back-Up

  • Server Management

  • Server Installation & Integration

  • Network & Internet Solutions

Email Hosting

We provide a reliable email hosting service from our own secure server facility based at the London Easynet Datacentre.

  • Email connectivity

  • Email virus scanning

  • Spam Management

  • Content filtering

Spam Management

We know just how annoying junk and spam mail can be so we can help you eliminate it from your inbox with dedicated anti-Spam tools. Email-borne threats are one of the most significant risks to your business with their potential to compromise your entire network.

We have integrated comprehensive spam and viral filtering into our existing email hosting service. Spam mail is targeted with a combination of effective mail protection facilities. What's more, our superior virus protection, endorsed by the worlds leading antivirus and internet research organisation, defends against both new and known infections and is updated, along with spam monitoring, every 5-10 minutes to ensure real-time protection from fresh spamming techniques and traffic patterns.

Web Hosting

If you are looking for a reliable and responsive hosting partner we can help by:

  • Registering and managing your domains

  • Providing a secure secure web hosting platform from which to grow your business

Remote Back-Up

Can you afford to lose your data? Most companies have some type of back-up process in place but it is often hard to ensure they are being carried out. With our remote offsite back-up service you don't have to, as we provide:

  • Secure online back up services with up to 448 bit encryption

  • Total security for your data

  • Automatic updates of your critical data

  • Retrieval of lost or mislaid files online

Server Management

We offer a full remote server management service, taking care of routine maintenance tasks, monitoring back-up processes and managing all aspects of server functionality. We supplement this with onsite back-up as required.